4 Best Web Design Tips for Your Business

1. Declutter your site for faster load times.

The first of our web design tips to massively improve your bounce rate is to speed up your site’s load time.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. Everyone has clicked off of a website in frustration because it just didn’t load fast enough. Sometimes we do this after a delay of just a few seconds. Ideally, your website should load within three seconds. Otherwise, you could be losing valuable customers!

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2. Optimize your site for conversions.

When you optimize your website for conversions, you make it as simple as possible for visitors to get from your homepage to the thank you page. Any confusion along the way could tempt your future customers to click off of your website. We know you don’t want that!

Mapping out the user journey from the homepage to the end point of your main conversion goal can do wonders for improving your bounce rate. Test it out yourself, and enlist the help of others to make sure getting from point A to point B is as simple and clear as possible.

Conversion buttons should also have a very clear call to action. For example “shop now,” “add to cart,” or “contact us,” are great calls to action. Calls to action that are too vague or abstract are never a good choice.

3. Use a visual hierarchy.

The idea of enhancing your website with an effective visual hierarchy goes hand in hand with the above point about optimizing your site for conversions. One of the more important web design tips we could give is to make sure the most important features of your website are also the most eye-catching.

The use of bold fonts, large text sizes, and bright colors can help create a visual hierarchy, showing website visitors through the use of clear visual cues what is more important and what is less important on your website.

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4. Include social share buttons.

Do you have a blog on your website? Are there social share buttons on every blog? If not, the following web design tips are for you!

Every blog post on your website should feature buttons in the corner allowing readers to easily share your blogs on social media without having to leave your website. This promotes brand awareness without contributing to your bounce rate. After all, you don’t want a reader to be so impressed with your blog that they click off your website to share a post and don’t actually end up converting!

Having social share buttons also has the added benefit of reminding users they can share your blogs, encouraging people who might not have thought of it otherwise. The more links on social media sending people back to your website the better!

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