How To Set Up a Website?

So do you also want to create your own website? And want you to earn a lot of money using internet like me too? So friends, you have come to the right place. Today we will talk about how to make your own website and earn money from it.

Creating a website is not a big deal, you can create a website of your own in just 10-15 minutes. The whole world has come online and if you too want to make your own website by staying in this online world and want to earn money from it then now is the right time.

What is a website?

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Whenever you search for something online, webpages are opened in front of you, on which there is some text, images, and videos. We call this collection of similar webpages as Website.

If you tell me in simple language, then the website is a collection of many web pages or in other words, the website is a place where there is a collection of thousands of web pages.

For example, as you are reading this web page, thousands more such webpages are present on our website, in which some information is given. We call the collection and collection of all these web pages.

Many types of tasks are done through the website and their use is usually dedicated to a particular subject or purpose.

According to Wikipedia , a website can be a personal website, a business website, a government website, an organization’s website, etc. Through which information can be exchanged. It can also be used to provide entertainment, news and education.

So far, we have come to know what a website is, so let’s start then how can we make this website now. As I have already told you that creating a website is not a difficult task, you too can create a website of your own in just 10-15 minutes.

So here we talk about how to make this website, but before making the website we have some aspects which should be known. So we first look at these technical things.

Here, we are discussing about the important information before building a website, after this we will know how to build a website and then I will also tell you how you can earn money by creating a website like mine. So friends, don’t forget to read the post till the last.

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